1. harSens

    Intelligent Falling

    Because the theory of gravity is just a theory: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/39512
  2. MinioN

    Have fun with bored Falling Sand

    http://www.bored.com/fallingsand/index.html I just had to post it.I tottaly love it.It has oil,gunpowder,c-4,water,sand,salt etc.And its fun that oil react with fire.If fire touch c-4 it "explode".Its fun try it.
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Falling Down

    ...I am falling down Try and stop me It feels so good to hit the ground You can watch me Fall right on my face It's an uphill human race And I am falling down.... Avril Lavigne - Falling Down Marbles added in to fill in the composition. Hopefully they convey some mood like they...
  4. S

    Falling and Ultimate Solar flare

    Why do I fall like 1 million feet then land perfectly fine and solar flares can be used more than one time per life all I do is charge then I get a new one. :)
  5. B

    ... emptyness ...

    Sometimes I don't want to face life Sometimes I feel empty inside But every moment is precious And everyone will turn to dust meh, third work, 4 hours of work (from 1:17 am till 5:22 am) couldnt sleep eheh :p
  6. H

    Place Dragonballs in Maps

    Can anyone tell me how i can place some Dragonballs in my map everytime i made a map there were no balls !?!?!?!? can anyone help me ? PS : Are here some german people ?
  7. T

    cyborg vegeta?

    cyborg vegeta model finshed well i was bored and i felt like practicing metal so i started to do this and well i just wanna finsh it now.. what do you think it needs post your comments and your insite. Worktime: 47 minutes P.s I was thinking about T3 while doing this lol;D
  8. Skyrider

    sound problem/ and waterfall

    i got some sound mapping problem. i dont know how to add sounds in a map. well. i know how to. but there isnt comming sound ouT! and another question is my WATERFALL! i dont know how to add a waterfall!! ( with water falling down )plz help :) thkz lol.. ps how do i make things round?
  9. G

    Otherworld Tournament.

    This is an idea for a map. The Otherworld Tournament! Where Goku and Piccon fought. I would be in the shape of a circle and a square area in the center for the fighting area. A chair for the Grand Kai and rocks hovering above it all, like in the show. If no one plans to make it, i've been...
  10. Jimesu_Evil

    Vegeta's Asteroid

    It would be cool if someone made vegeta's asteroid (the one he turned ssj on) complete with electrical storms, falling asteroids and a little capsule corp. ship. I know the asteroids would be incredibly hard to do, but in my theory it's possibe (I have very wierd theories).
  11. ~Kenoku~

    The sky is falling,mom?.....

    is it just me or is the sky in the maps esf_cell_day esf_cell_night esf_riverside messed up?
  12. ~Kenoku~

    The sky is falling,mom?.....

    is it just me or is the sky in the maps esf_cell_day esf_cell_night esf_riverside messed up?
  13. L

    Fix 'Falling out of the map'

    to fix that crap where you see all the players but no ground/textures or anything else, try adding a big layer of 'clip' texture around the outsides of your map... it might be 'noclip' theres only one so just filter for clip
  14. K


    I know its a bug and I know you all know, but it bites when you are in a PS and the guy falls down a bit so he don't get hit. Could you guys PLEASE!!! Make a 2.0a to fix this little bug, add maybe another character and fix this! It is really annoying!!!
  15. M

    Gravity Room

    I've started to make a gravity room map for ESF. i've put in sensu beans in the gravity room, up high, so it's hard to get, ya cant jump off of the ground in non-turbo mode and flying is hard, but if turbo ya can get the sensu beans a little easier. Here's where i'm a little stuck, what should...