1. omnomnom

    Giant Fail im really upsaet, and i need some help please >:O

    ...i followd all instuction i recieved......everything..AND I STILL DONT hAVE THE AF PACK?? WHAT THE HEK MAN?! WHAT AM I DOING???! THIS IS FRKIN ANNOYING
  2. Mastasurf

    Epic Rant!

    Maybe it's just me, but the online gaming community seems to always pick one catch word to describe something that is good and then ends up overusing it to a point where the word loses all worth. Most recently epic has become the preferred catch word for the Internet masses. I'm here to say...
  3. Killface

    Massive Drug Bust in Netherlands = Epic Fail. Straight from sidecarsally. Comments?
  4. B

    My CCI Fail

    1st off i would like to say thanks to anyone who would be willing to read this and find out the problem. Okay my problem is, I made a character with CCI I started to code the transformation and when I compile it, it works perfectly. But when i go into the game to play the character, I start to...
  5. Dokutayuu

    Custom Class Select Pics fail?

    I try to use custom pics (128 by 256 .TGA) but when I load ESF and go to class select, there's nothing there? Have I done something wrong?
  6. M

    What Caused WCW To Fail?

    I think that it was them choosing to end goldbergs winning streak at 180 wins. What do you think caused it?
  7. wheres_

    Zomg my lungs, they fail me!

    Simple suggestion that's true to the show. Freiza and Cell shouldn't take dmg from being underwater to long. Perhaps the same with the androids but I dunno, your call on that one I guess.
  8. V

    Gohan Ssj2 For Esf 1.1

    Just take a look at this and say what you think. Ive send this model to the most of my friends and they all liked it alot. So now i wanna know what you ppl think about it ! CREDITS: BODY : The ESF-TEAM Body Textures : The ESF-TEAM Arms: Violator ( me ) Arms textures: The ESF-TEAM SSJ2...
  9. DaKD


    Ok ive seen how the old radditz ptoject failed so i wanted to make it for the people that seemed to want it and also cuz i think itd be koo so tell me if u guys want it
  10. USJTrunks


    I didn't draw these, just colored them in. Copy and paste the links.