1. T

    Facial Expression ?

    Just wondering is there will be wondering in 1.3 .Like when goku gos ssj his mouth opens looking like hes yelling.Or when fireing a kamhamahmha it looks like hes saying it .You could see other players looking like there really saying some thing .Right now its like there saying stuff with out...
  2. M

    Modeling Questions

    sup peeps, I have some questions about modeling in Milk Shape 3D. Ive just started to actually try to make a model (which I never did before). 1) Do you have to use the Half Life bones or do I have to create my own? 2) I know this might sound like a stupid question but, am I supposed to...
  3. H

    Kenshin wallpaper

    wonder if i should just make an art topic here and renew it like i do at dmz forums oh well Just messing with a simple style still, I liked how well kenshin expressed emotions with facial features and decided to do this.. comments?
  4. Twilight

    Can someone make me a sig?

    I have an idea for a sig I want, but need someone to graciously make it for me
  5. N

    Veggeto art?......

    I couldn't help myself........I'm sorry guys I thaught this was a good picture after i got done with it but i know the coloring is off and the eyes look really wierd...Sorry, Sorry, Sorry,Sorry,Sorry,Sorrrrrrrrry!!!! But now to prisent my feture of...
  6. GhostfaceKillah

    Facial Expressions

    I was wondering if it'd be possible to change the facial expressions of a character? (ie: when a char. is charging up, or charging a blast, his face would look like he's yelling.) This a good sugestion?
  7. Ryoko

    A Ryoko Drawing and CG

    Here she is! In all here glory. Opinions now! -_-


    I was woundering if any one new where i could get a Modle template which i could use in milkshape 3d caus ei can never get the body or facial features right so if any kind people could send or give me a link to a basic model i would verry much appreciate it :)