1. J

    XNA Game Studio Express beta Released! WOOO!! Discuss.
  2. ZeroNightmare

    Pandaren Express

    i was bored, hadnt done anything for a while, it sucks but eh, its a panda, rwwar!
  3. S

    Well, just to express my mind

    I'd like to Answer Grega, but it seems that the 3rd Thread kai opened was closed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i don't think you can achieve anything by closing threads up as fast as they open. what i understood from the last posts on...
  4. O

    Express things

    Ok just played Prince of persia: Sand of Time again and when i was playing i saw something: He has Expresions! ( hope i said that right) Like when youre Winning you see you character smile. When he's transforming you will see his eyes white. When he is eating a sensubean you will see his...
  5. M

    BUUbies :P

    Yo here is a model of buu that I made lastnight tell me watchu think. But if yo have anything 2 say about the skin then lick my balls cos I used paint bursh.