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    3DSMAX6 Exporter!

    Guys...... is there a SMD exporter for 3dsmax6:confused: i know that there is 1 for 3dsmax4 and even works on 3dsmax5 but it won't on 3dsmax6. plz help me!! if i open my model with milkshape my model is about 6000 (and more ) polys, but in 3dsmax6 its under 2000. i really need it!!!!!
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    KLICK ME !

    Ok ppl, i only want to post advanced animators here 'cause i got a question of which i couldnt find the answer here and out the web :rolleyes: me wants to know if the 3dsmax biped/skeleton is compatible to be exported to smd format or 3ds format (modlers know what i mean) aswell. @any...
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