1. Nuttzy

    alphonse elric lo-poly expirement

    im going to try and make a sub 1k model yet again, the last time i tried this i stopped at the head cuz it had me stumped. THIS time however i started with the head to get that out the way, and im fairly satisfied with the end result. dont mind the pewpy skin, im just sectioning off the armor...
  2. Nuttzy

    Aura Expirement,

    well, i made an aura for EEA awhile back, (well, tried anyways), and i wasnt satisfid with it, this morning i got bored and started making another one, for a trans aura, (which means no animations) ive had a few problems with it, 1) it was sideways ingame, ive fixed that one, 2) i could only...
  3. I

    Expirement Sig

    Well, this is my first time using brushes on a sig. I hope you guys like it, crits are always welcome :rolleyes: Special thanks to Kuwabara, he helped me by supplying me with new brushes and teaching me how to load them into Photoshop :laff:
  4. Epedemic_Optikz

    Tien model

    Does anyone Have A Tien Model.I Am Doing An Expirement :devgrin: :]