1. M

    Experts Recommend Hands-Only CPR

  2. Hitokiri

    Medieval experts?

    I have a question for something I'm writing (no, it's not a school assignment) What sort of equipment did soldiers use around about the period of the First Crusade? (year 1095) What did the average footman carry/wear? The average knight? A wealthy knight? A poor knight? Any help, links...
  3. jp

    unfair experts

    Most people seem to use melee, ofcourse that can be frustrating if you are being beated up every time. Every time a enemy comes flying to me to kick my ass, i charge a standard KI-Beam, because this atack is very fast to charge, and then when they are close enough i shoot the atack at the...
  4. Goten-son

    ESF "experts" unfair -_-

    is it just me or does it seem like everytime an ESF "expert" finds a noob (such as me as i have not done much training) they go straight for them and always use MELEE! or use that stupid buu candy thing :\ which some1 used on me but i couldn't move or even teleport. Also when i try to teleport...