1. bapplebo

    Experimenting with tech lines

    Version 1: Version 2:
  2. Enix

    experimenting with orbs

    latly i have been messing around with orbs and stuff. so i thought i will show you guys some of the stuff i have been doing: all where made by me with PS7 just incase anyone wants to know, i will post more later.
  3. Kman3252

    Flash sig (best one yet)

    well ive been experimenting and i think ive gotten better. i think this is my best sig yet. What do you think? <embed src="http://members.lycos.co.uk/kevinskingdom/sig24.swf" quality="high" width="340" height="65">
  4. K

    Sig critz

    Just experimenting. What u guyz think? BTW, what is the code for having a border around it (1 pixel, white border)
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