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    Couldn't find the HL/ CS/ Steam location This program exits now

    hey guys how could i fix this? "Couldn't find the HL/ CS/ Steam location This program exits now" help me pls..
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    Clicking Customize Exits Game

    I've been told that this error will be fixed if I download the latest version of Half-Life, but in all mods including Earth's Special Forces, when I click customize, my game exits. Any reason as to why!?
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    Game exits to console or desktop, HELP!

    Ok, well I have never had this problem before when I play at my SL Server, but since its been down because I moved out, I've been in pub server alot more. And in every server I go into, I'll play for about 30 minutes and then my game will completely exit out to the desktop or to the full screen...
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    Program exits...

    When i am in a game with esf the game will quit out. This also happens when goku uses the spirit bomb and when fighting a bot. It doesn't work online. It only works on a LAN connection when no one else has joined.
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    Game exits when I have bots installed HELP!!

    I really need help the game was working perfectly fine no crashes or ne thing but whenever I want to play bots which is the only thing I could really play on my comp for esf it crashes. meaning when I reinstall esf without bots in folder it works fine no crashes no exits but when I but in ki...
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    game exits by itself with no error message

    when i load up a lan game after it precahces resources it exits by itself with no error message
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