1. Mkilbride

    Wow, I think one of those sterotype Americans actually exists...

    Kinda old; but I just found this: http://www.theonion.com/articles/area-man-passionate-defender-of-what-he-imagines-c,2849/ It's a funny read.
  2. SS4 Gogeta

    Nasa scientists discover evidence 'that alien life exists on Saturn's moon'

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/7805069/Titan-Nasa-scientists-discover-evidence-that-alien-life-exists-on-Saturns-moon.html If they can confirm this without a shadow of a doubt, that would be insanely awesome.
  3. Aky


    Look at this photography : It has been taken in a metro in Tokyo... Woooow he exists for real ! LOL I have a little picture of me too : I know, i know, i'm very strong :D
  4. S

    Trunks model - ready for skinning

    ive finished the non ssj of trunks. its my first pbp model and my first skinmap. if anyone wants to skin it catch me on aim or pm me. and if u skin it u can alter the skinmap anyway u want. heres a pic of my attempted skin (its my first :fight: ).
  5. R

    I need halp, please!

    OK that's my problem: When iam at the end (or at the top) of the map, all objects in the map just DISAPPEAR and i only can see players. How can i fix this problem?!:(
  6. G

    Mr. Satan!!!

    HEY I am looking for a mr.satan model. if anyone knows where i can find oneplease tell me, and if not just tell me if it exists!!! thanks:devgrin:
  7. S

    Dakd plz read!

    Dakd have u relised your android 17 yet?? because i have been looking for a long time plz msg me to tell me if u have or not or if some one can tell me if there is one already out ! thx
  8. E

    Scouter Models?

    Hi I only wanted to ask if there any Scouter Model exists? (You know for example vegeth with scouter) I tried to make ine bat thats not good
  9. Logan4434

    goku ssj5 WIP

    heres a pic Daz will post a link to the model soon.(the pic is very crappy dont judge it bvy the pic i suggest you DL it than see how you like it in game personally i use and enjoy this model) pic: http://www.gaming-honor.com/~metalgear/esfanime/ssj5.JPG :D
  10. G

    how to add maps? exists some BOT for ESF?

    how to add maps? exists some BOT for ESF?
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