1. C

    Can't run the game. No .exe to start it.

    I just download ESF and the ESF beta and i can' play either one. I'v searched and searched but i can't find the executable to start the game. I see an "uninstall" .exe but there isn't one to start the game. I even told the installer to place a shortcut on my steam games screen and it's still not...
  2. P

    How do i open ESF Open Beta: Final?

    Hey guys. I just downloaded the ESF Open Beta: Final.. But theres no shortcut or EXE in the folder.. I installed it over Steam/SteamApps/accountname/Half-life And there is no icon of the Games List either?
  3. M

    I habe buyed but give me error the server are occupated ( busy ) ?

    Helppp! i have deleted the steam.dll and no have function...pls help me!
  4. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Adding .exe to startup..

    I downloaded Y'z Shadow, a little tool that adds the MacOS X styled shadows to all Windows.. windows.. The only problem I have with it, is that there isn't any option to make it startup when Windows XP starts.. So I thought there might be a chance of adding certain programs to the Windows...
  5. Sesshoumaru

    bass exe

    heres some art i found http://free.one.picturehost.co.uk/forteexe2.jpg
  6. D

    a working exe

    every file i download is corrupt maybe an exe that works and also one thats on the site instead of bein redirected
  7. D

    cant find a decent exe

    every time i download esf v1.1 from any of the links on the web site they r all corrupted files currently trying file planet now, if anyone knows where i can get version 1.0 from i can then update it thnx
  8. Tweek

    Buu WIP (am sorta stuck -_-)

    ..Keh iv so far managed the body but iv re done the hand like 4 times :( and they r realy Pissssin me off now ;( . Also Thanks 2 SMO 4 the Base skin edited by MEEE :) . If n e would could give us sum ideas and crits 2 wot i done then Tankz ;D The prob is when ever i make the...
  9. T

    Gotenks Pack in zip folder?

    *Read topic title* The one I want is only in rar. and I dont wanna dl Winrar so can someone either AIM me at gfxtiger or PM me, or just gimme a link, peace out. PS Id prefer the one made by Bryggz, peace out again :D
  10. T


    Ok, Im at my moms house in Denver, and she has Windows 98'. So I dl ESF and all the other junk and it works fine, but the problem is the Models I dl. Instead of going into an unzipped folder, it shows a little icon of a computer monitor, what do I do!? O_o :( :talk:
  11. Twilight

    Twilight Productions Projector

    This is the projector for the flash movie im making for my personal site. The basic layout is near complete, check it out and lemme know what suggestions you have. www.angelfire.com/la3/twilightthreshold/TwilightProductions.exe
  12. V


    i have insert the hullfile in the tools directorie and add this command line into the bsp section "C:\programme\valve hammer editor\tools\hlbsp.exe -hullfile hulls.txt", but ist doesnt work. plz,help!!
  13. S

    is gmax dumb?

    i dont understand... gmax i cant open mdl files if you dont know how to do please tell another program than milkshape3 and gmax
  14. S

    Transformations and Spirit Bomb wont load

    Can anyone help me please? When i am playing ESF, i go to do a transformation or use Goku's Spirit Bomb attack, my computer shuts ESF and Halflife off all together. I want to know how i can fix this porblem. Can anyone help me please???
  15. Lord Killmore

    Mapping Programm

    Does anyone know a good mapping programm???(I cant use Worldcraft because my Half-life cd is broken.....:cry: ) I really want to try making some maps (i only done some for Warcgraft 3 and C&C Generals) So please tell me where i can get all the stuff to do some mapping!
  16. grOOvy


    A very simple hugr map, IDEAL and PERFECT for: 1.) 1on1 Duels 2.) Training 3.) Tournament Download: http://www.groovstein.devisland.net/host/z_spike_v4.exe *Taking screenies now to post up here*
  17. T

    USSJ Pack

    EDIT RELEASED!! http://www.w3bsite.co.uk/uploads/Ussj%20Pack.zip lookie http://hstrial-pnorris.homestead.com/files/Ussj_pic.jpg i need a host...
  18. M

    Compiling HL models?

    I'm having a bit of trouble compiling a model, I looked for the file they refeer to in this link. http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/resources/halflife/tutorials/3dsmax8.shtml It's studiomdl.exe I even ran a search for it. I'm sorry if this is an easy question and one of you get mad.
  19. E

    i can't find the .exe of ESF... huh i..

    :cry: Ok I installed the esf on esforces.com and i open the map esf and i see ... some maps with things in it and stuff and a flashmovie.... but what did i do wronG?:cry: :cry: :cry:
  20. B

    I need help with installation finding the EXE

    OK i installed it in Sierra\Counterstrike and i have the esf fold with all of the maps etc but i cant find what to do to start the game
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