1. Growler

    Excuses for...

    Show me your best excuse for the following topics... (if you were caught in the act) Cheating on your girlfriend- Cheating on a test- Lying- Stealing- Or, if you want, make up your own best excuse for your own circumstance if you have a good one :) The one I like... Your...
  2. S


    didnt PM because i needed u to see this u closed all my threads before i could apologise so "sorry buddy a bad call on my part" Close please
  3. H


    Alright. Is anyone but me tired of hearing excuses in game? I mean.. is it really necessary that you explain in depth exactly why we killed you? Is it really important that your cat jumped into your lap? That you targetted someone else on accident? That your keyboard is sticky...
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    Another CD cover for ya

    i made this one to actually fit inside a cd case i still havent done the tabs yet, oh and if u r thinking i ripped that ripple thing under her your wrong i made it buddy!! lol