1. KilledWithStyle

    [SPOILERS][Manga] Excel Saga

    Anyone here read that? If you don't and have watched the anime, I just have to say manga > anime. Its quite a bit more hilarious, and there is a real storyline. Not to mention that it isn't messed up with Watanabe's slapstick (not saying that the slapstick wasn't funny). I have read up to the...
  2. Hash

    Excel Saga

    Omg, I just started watching this the other day, and my god is it hilarious. To give a quick rundown of what it's about, here is the animenfo descritption: "Excel Saga covers the grounds of one Excel, a hyper and enthusiastic girl that is employed by the super-secret organization "Across"...
  3. Ranma

    Could I ask for some pictures?

    Can I ask for some reference pics, or sites with really good pics of Ilpalazzo from Excel Saga? I need them for drawing and maybe a sig (for another forum). Anyway i'd appreciate it, i can't find any sites with good pics of him.
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