1. J

    Passed Exams

    yay I passed exams, so if anyone else passed it. put yer name here! :)
  2. DJ-Ready

    [-=S2k=-] is back!

    yeah, we are back ... but now as mapping squad! do i need to say more? :devgrin: http://www.S2k.de.tt
  3. Shuyin

    Map Request Supreme Kai

    If theres a mapper out there who'd like to have a go at making this map then please do! Ive got a few screenshots of the map in a zip folder for reference. Its the Supreme Kai's planet from the kid buu saga, i think it'd make a nice map http://members.neouniverse.net/Spencer/kaimappics.ZIP
  4. J

    Great mapping challenge

    I would like to set up a mapping challenge The person that can create the best rats map of a spaceship in one weeks hence will win. What do you win? Nothing :cry: you just get bragging rights that you are better then all those other mappers.:)
  5. GLOsticks R Us

    GLO is back with some new comics!

    I just did some new comics, these actual events happend at school at lunch, meh and my friends, I represent the one in Blue... Hope you get a crack out of it:talk: . p.s. Gateway is refer to Gateway computers...:), and btw- Exams suck! -"GLO":shocked: