1. D

    Hi all!! I'm newww

    Hi all i'm new :P i like this game!!!! and the people is very good :P...i want olnly do a presentation of me :PP Byeee
  2. NightShade

    Email from blizzard ewww

    This World of Warcraft (WoW) Alpha Test account has been terminated based on review of the action(s) detailed above. This behavior has been deemed inappropriate for the WoW game world by the In-Game Support staff of Blizzard Entertainment. This decision is final and cannot be overturned...
  3. V

    ewww f u c k rikkuu ****

    **** u rikku spamm my thread i was looking 4ward 2 c if ne 1 could coz nobody eva goes in that request thing heeps of peepz have tried but ive seen no1 try ive only c people answer back inless they make a thread of it i prolly gonna get banned 4 this but my esf is gone so f u c k u rikku ***bo
  4. K

    Sigs live!!!!!

    You still wanna post/show off your sigs you can!!! Just come here!!! http://home.no.net/dgonline/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi P.S. VT, this is not posting for another mod, just for a place to use the sigs!!!!
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