1. D

    Hi all!! I'm newww

    Hi all i'm new :P i like this game!!!! and the people is very good :P...i want olnly do a presentation of me :PP Byeee
  2. F

    Eww... 56Kers be warned

    Well, ol' Fatality was forced to open Photoshop this evening(BLACK o_e ) and I came up with this. Also, I made this out of another doodle of mine, same style as in my current sig. ALSO! I guess I'll post my latest art related stuffs too. Paintchat! o/ Latest school...
  3. Suh Dude


    Well, it seems that I have another TOE NAIL growing in my right toe. It keeps growing back every 6 months. Does anyone know how to remove these things? Doctors can't do anything about it except putting achohal on it which green icky stuff comes out. Please... don't say remove your toe lol...
  4. Suh Dude

    Naked Guy Playing Basketball!! EWW!

    http://www.msnfound.com/payoff.aspx?clip=personal_foul_P&owner=Tad Oh my god, this guy is playing basket ball while being naked. It's cencored for those who's a bit younger (only pixilate though, no black marks. :(), but oh my god no one wants to touch him when has the ball rofl.
  5. S

    trunks that i made cuz i was bored

    this is a trunks that i made cuz i was bored and tired of animating. im not goin to release it cuz it sucks, im to lazy to ask permission, and it sucks. credits to Model: Xstortionist, Skin: Mastasurf, dmz ssj trunks hair modeler, and ebfp ssjtrunks hair modeler.
  6. A

    Competition Idea

    Eh i was thinking lets have a MS Paint competition.... . Anything DragonBall Z . Only MS Paint Well?? What u think?? :rolleyes:
  7. SA_Gohan


    Hello all http://sa_gohan.tripod.com/yamcha1.jpg So, have any opinions? BTW: I'm probably going to redo the skin. l8er
  8. K

    Sigs live!!!!!

    You still wanna post/show off your sigs you can!!! Just come here!!! http://home.no.net/dgonline/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi P.S. VT, this is not posting for another mod, just for a place to use the sigs!!!!