1. C

    About ssj4 plugin.. NOT EVOSSJ4!

    Has somebody done ssj4 plugin to esf ? if does , can you please give me a link ? sorry for my bad english :(
  2. D


    Im wondering where i can download evossj4 cuz when i went to the site it was just forums.
  3. imkongkong

    Why make addons (evm, btl, evossj4) when it won't matter in the end?

    Throughout the years of ESF, many people have been wanting movie characters, more transformations, more characters, more tweaks, etc to the game because what the team wants in may conflict with the wants of the community. Due to this reason, members of the community would join forces and create...
  4. L


    they did it!!!!!! look here!! http://evossj4.com/index.php?showtopic=1452&st=0&#last they released a previewXD man i cant wait to play that addon what do u guys think? i spoke to BANDIT and he said that they gonna release a whole movie about all features in the next two weeks if all...
  5. S

    EvoSSJ4 Karmaball

    Ok, I made a Karmaball for EvoSSJ4. Since this is a sneak peak to fans from my Dev journal, so I can show you: This is the one from the anime series: And this is my made: Please rate it 1/10