1. frsrblch

    Everyones avatars...

    Um, can anyone else see this? It looks like all our avatars lost a fight with photoshop.
  2. dbrulz72

    pretty sure everyones seen this

    http://uploads.ungrounded.net/content.php?id=152561&name=152561_StarFoxInANutShell.swf&title=Starfox%2064%3A%20In%20a%20NutShell&date=1103691600&quality=b&uj=0&w=550&h=400 its old. but its still pretty funny even if you arent a star fox fan :)
  3. Skinnerfool

    Check It Out

    lol iwas practings so look
  4. KrazyKarl

    Everyones favorite Legendary SSJ

    This isnt really finished, had some trouble with the eyes and i got tired of all the shading so... heres where i stopped
  5. X

    An idea to bring everyones Favorite Old Skool Characters together! new mode!

    How about we have a mode where people can play 1on1 with Fighters who are in DBZ but dont fight anymore atleast not as much as they used to. I dont mean the current Z-Warriors... something like Saibamen Master Roshi Crane Hermit(Tien and Chout-zu's former master) Chichi Kami Tao Pai...
  6. Packed Lunch

    whats everyones favorite biscuit

    topic said it all mine fav biscuit is milk arrowroot~
  7. A

    Who Trunks Looks Like

    from the front the esf trunks model looks kinda like Bruce willice wearing a purple wig... juss so u all knoe... i like his body n everything... juss wanted to bring that to everyones attention :D lololol
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