1. Painkiller


    Don't you all miss events? :/
  2. B

    Esf Holiday Events

    My idea is why dosen't the team add a real time clock or something to esf, so on haloween or christmas esf will modify models and sprites a bit to make esf more intact with the holidays :) I am no pro at coding, just throwing the idea out, it would make the game more interesting and more...
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Indy Art: In response to recent events..

    In response to recent events in war...etc.. I have created a indy art image. I may make a series of images called War Series, dealing with war and how it can be started.. I've been thinking alot on this subject of war, and it is quite scary. So protest it all you want if you have to, but face...
  4. SONiC

    Recent Events?

    ON the news page it said due to recent events there are two positions open. Does this mean some team members left or is it that you guys just need more people?
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