1. F

    Evanescence Signature Request Please

    I'd make myself one, but since my comp crashed, no more PS Ok so here is what i'm looking for, for those of you who are interested. I was thinking of the picture on the Fallen CD cover that picture (doesn't have to be that exact one, but one of amy lee) with the Evanescence text...
  2. K

    New background

    What you think? http://uk.geocities.com/nkoblun/amybg1.jpg
  3. owa


    My god the song for the DareDevil Album rocks! I'm so addicted to it. You have to get it... kill,steal,buy or somehow! Evanescence - Bring me to Life Its like a lead singer chick but with music that isn't pop... w00t its metal which is surprising cause for some reason most girl bands...