1. SupaMan

    ETA's first bit

    Hey guys take a look at this :P 1 2 3 4 tell me what you think :) *edit* the frieza model is just a place holder...
  2. SupaMan

    ETA site

    Heres the ETA site (the first one) it's to a site portal so join and chat :D
  3. E


    Hello, just want to tease u about new trans addon... We call it ETA-Esf transformation addon. We added all transformations that are in DBZ. There will be 2 versions of ETA's: First will be without SSJ4 and without Kaioken, and second one will have SSJ4 and kaioken. I think u know what...
  4. KrazyKarl

    my pics

    hey guys, i have been out of the drawing game for a little while but here is a pic of veteta and trunks that I drew a long time ago and never posted... tell me what you think, and in a little bit i will have a pic of gohan on here as well so tell me what u think of that also... thanx KrazyKarl
  5. T

    Eta 4 Version 3

    is there any approx eta 4 version 3 of esf.. dont know wheter to hold a lan now or wait for new version:\