1. M

    ESFStuff now has a upload manager.

    Hey all. i yought that he most of you proberly don`t know it yet so i will post it here... ESFStuff now has a upload manager so you can upload your files via that script if you want. For the ESF Team:: The basic reason that i have added a upload manager to the site is that i got sick...
  2. T

    ESFStuff Is Right?

    is esfstuff right about the release date they have stated the release date at the 8. may go check it out and PLZ reply and say if it is just a rumor or is it true :rolleyes:
  3. M

    NEW ESFSTuff layout

    Hello all.. i should say.. take a look at the picture below :) The layout is made on 1024x768 - 40 pixels for the scrollbar :) so it`s 984x768 but it`s ugly if you watch it on 1024x768. i recomment you to watch it with a screen size of 1280x1024 than it`s buatifull :) i will remake the...
  4. Grega

    1vs1 map on esfstuff

    i finaly have the map uploaded on hope you like :D remember if you fall of the huge ring you die tell me the crits here's a pic
  5. SierraSonic

    ESFSTUFF needs your opinion...

    Ok, heres how it goes, what should we do with our esf beta 1.1 files when esf beta 1.2 comes out? I say we should delete all the fan made files, and only keep the offical files for playtesting the beta, if anyone gets that bored, or wants to check out 1.1. Mark says he wants the files to...
  6. SierraSonic

    ESFSTUFF Re-Opens!

    ^.^* Yea the FileDataBase is back up! Go leech off us and make us proud! ;P
  7. SierraSonic

    New download links for ESF. From ESFSTUFF.

    ESFSTUFF has provided mirrors for the important ESF files, like ESF itself. ^.^* Latest Files -------------------------------- ESF Beta 1.1 Full -------------------------------- ESF 1.0 to 1.1 Patch -------------------------------- ESF 1.1 Bots v3.1 EXE...
  8. SaiyanPrideXIX

    ESF Fanatics = Closed, ESFStuff = Okay?

    Quick question: The thread for ESF_Fanatics is closed per the advertising rules, but...I've seen open ESFStuff threads all over the forum. Is there a reason why they are being treated differently, out of personal curiosity?
  9. SierraSonic

    ESFSTUFF Opens!

    We have opened!!! Visit We are short on files currently, but we are excepting files and they will be uploaded as soon as possible. After the file is uploaded we will ask you for some info on the file, we also recommend small screenshots, if applicable. 320x240.
  10. M

    ESFSTUFF Layout and file primissions.

    Hello all... As most of you proberly know is that i am about to open a esf resource site called ESFSTUFF and i now have a beta layout that is not finished yet and onother layout is also comming but i would really like to know what you think of it.. And i got an question of the file...