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    Hey, I'm pretty new to this game. So you'd all probably kick my ass in a match. But I've been a DBZ fan since I was a kid. I know It's not something the ESF team sees on the horrizon. But I do have alot of ambition, so thats why I joined this forum, to post this thread. If you're interested in a...
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    ESF:source,made by a thrid party?

    half-life one got transferred to source with no modifications whatssoever to its graphics, it just had source natural fetures, like reflective water, so could people in the commutity(us) make an esf source, with same graphics but on the source engine? Yall might say its not worth it for...
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    is there going to be an esf source if so omfg that would so so freaking cool man the source graphics on esf i mean cmon. Is that planned for the future?
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