1. donnierisk

    esf_riverside, made by me!

    Well i'm tired of having problems with all my maps and I have no energy to try and fix my other map, so I decded to make another map this afternoon, well my map is called esf_river and it's just a hill with a river and some stuff. Oh, don't get me wrong, I will release my other...
  2. Mccdbz5

    Advanced Melee Bug on ESF_Riverside

    One time in Riverside, me and my friend were fighting, so then I knocked him into the bridge, then I went down there and did Advanced Melee on him. We got stuck to each other, this has only happened once, i've tried doing more but it doesn't work, so I really don't know what the problem is. Does...
  3. CS-LAND

    esf_riverside textures?

    Hey any idea what are the esf_riverside texture names? not where I can find them.. just the names, I don't want to use them or something. You know when you create a wad you have to name all of your textures... I looked in the esf.wad for the names but they aren't there...