1. majin goketa

    esf_mid map

    This has probably been already delt with, but what textures was esf_mid planned to have.
  2. C

    Delete ESF_Mid?

    it's not like it works. should i just delete it?
  3. Darkside


    yea im just curious if its just me, or if this is with everyone... but does ESF_MID supposed to be checkered pink & black?? and if not will this be fixed in 1.1?
  4. W

    We have the technology, we can rebuild esf_mid...

    Since I didn't hear anything on the other thread I mentioned this on, I figured I'd post it to the main Mapping forum instead of just Help, and see if anyone notices it here instead. :-) Yes, that's ESF_Mid, everyone's favorite checkerboard map, in the process of being rebuilt as close...
  5. G

    esf_mid - problem

    I've got a problem with the esf_mid - map: When I load it to play on it, the WAD-files don't load and all the map is pink and black (standart). I've looked for it in my Windows-Explorer but they aren't on my computer. Could someone send me the files for the map? Thank you. Godran
  6. Darkside

    Watz up wit ESF_MID?

    watzup with esf_mid??? is it supposed to just be a bunch of alternating black and pink boxes or is there a texture for it that i just dont seem to have....??? plz respond i get dizzy playin on that map :S and also why is the texture for the hyperbolic timechamber differnt on the game then...
  7. N

    esf_mid textures are missing

    Hey all! this is my first post in the problem department so here goes when i start up a map called "esf_mid" the game says a whole bunch of textures are missing and the map looks like a chessboard?! what going on? *NOTE* i haven't looked to see if anybody else had this problem so...