1. Spunky


    When you go into the water, it's pitch black. You can see the ground, but you can't see **** in front of you or above you. Also, if you dive all the way to the bottom, it's as if you're on land. You can run around on the bottom, instead of swimming. The color comes back this way, but I can't see...
  2. Shuyin

    esf_kamehouse respawn

    Sometimes you will die upon spawn at spot next to master roshi. Something to do with players respawning at the same spot?
  3. H


    Hi all, I've been a mapper for a while now and i made a map a while ago for ESF. It's Master Roshi's house and it looks pretty cool, I've just got to the point where i think i can make the first beta release. The map consists of, a small island thats fully destroyable that holds master...