1. Cold Steel


    :O:O, i never got to play this map, cause of fps probs, with my new comp it's no longer a prob. Anywayz, the kame house is way to big, i used the search button, but i couldn't find a thing, dunno if Stryker or Zero made this, but can you fix this?
  2. DaKD


    For some reason whenever i go into this map HL crashes. Ive made it into the map once but i moved once and it crashed. I dont think its that my comp cant take it ( p4 1.6 ghz 512 ram 32 mb gfx ) I was wondering if anybody else has this problem. I have Hl version This happened both in...
  3. Nosferatu Alucard

    esf_island problem

    I dont know why, but if my friend plays esf_island, the server kicks him after a half minute. It cant be a problem of hardware, my friend has 2.8 ghz, 512 mb ddr and a radeon9700 pro.
  4. Mr. Satans

    ESF_Island (Out Of Proportion)

    I believe I mentioned this before in another topic a long time ago, but I'd thought I'd make a thread of it after I saw ESF_Island in v1.1b. The house on ESF_Island is out of the thread titles says. Anyways here's a pic.
  5. N

    Esf_island crashing?

    hi ive got a problem .Esf_island keeps crashing when ever i choose my char this is a real problem because i reall like the look of this level! regards Brent ps um on the levels the skys look really reallyweid with pics of sum of the chars u see just there there knees...
  6. J

    Crashes on map esf_island!

    Can some one please tell me why my esf crashes only when i go to map island?!?! i have my settings at d3d 800x600 and i have win xp any help PLZ!O_O all help greatly thanked -Jebus
  7. S

    Help for esf_island

    I have a little problem: everytime when i start a party on esf_island it starts and then ... he break up the program and go down. Can you help me ? What can i do to play esf_island ? PS: If you're able to speak german then do it please because i'm a german one.
  8. S

    ESF_Island dont work...

    whenever I go into esf island my game crashes and i have no idea what it is cna someone help
  9. S

    ESF_Island... Not Working.

    whenever i run the map or join the map esf_island it dont work for me tell me what i sohuld do