1. gerald324

    Does The esf_buu map Finisihed?

    How Many Maps Are Work In Progress?
  2. Mastasurf

    *Map* ESF_Buu

    The ESF team has always been made up of a small group of full-time developers as well as several part-time/transient developers. Right now we're finding ourselves shorthanded. We need artists! The team recognizes that there are many talented people floating around the forums and we thought it...
  3. S


    I just wanna say I want this map soo bad!!!!! MAX get it dont quick please non the less goo quality and plz great r_speeds and textures and secerts :)
  4. S

    kami map and esf_buu thread

    I need a working link to the map gotesapalce or somthing and I need that map to work for esf thanks in adance O yea MAx's new esf map will r0ck! I cant wait to dl it esf_buu will be so cool one sugestion make it so realistic like the show like when goku fought that one guy make everything like...
  5. MaX

    esf_buu screens

    i had to reinstall me puter so i lost the buu map.. but im into modeling and animations so pay atttention there. looks for thread in models/skins called. 1stanimations on my 1st model. :D screen are deleted.. Sooooorrryyyyyy......