1. V

    esfbeta setup pb!!!!! ntdll.dll

    I have dl the esfbeta1.1.exe , so when i launch the file a error msg appear whit this: AppName: esfbeta1.1.exe AppVer: ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.114 Offset: 00043783 then i can't resume the setup process. What can i do? is it a dl pb? Thanks :)
  2. S

    Veggeto model

    he can someone make me a Veggeto model or give me a link i can download one.
  3. esfn00b


    can any body give me even a vague idea of how big the beta is going to be please. This game rox, and i will definatley download it, no matter how big it is ;) .