esf or evm

  1. W

    esf/evm cell?

    hi can somebody tell me how to use cells absorb in esf/evm i tried everything but its not working can somebody help me please.
  2. R

    CS 1.6 & ESF/EVM

    Hey peole, is it able to play ESF/EVM on 1.6's engine ???
  3. O

    Post Your Esf/Evm Screenshots Here!!

    eh i just thought of something thats a time wastier so if you guys would like post some cool pics!
  4. L


    does neone kno of any good sites where you can dl model bundles for esf/evm. please help out :)
  5. Mr. Satans

    ESF/EVM AMX Mod Plugins

    I made a few plugins for ESF and EVM for AMX Mod. The first plugin allows server admins to give any or all attacks to a client. amx_attack_esf <Part Of Nick> <Attack> So, for example, amx_attack_esf Satan all (Gives ALL Attacks including Trunks' sword & sensu beans) The second plugin...
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