esf final

  1. D

    could be possible to make advanced combos with AWSD buttons in ESF final?

    Hi Esf Team, I was thinking about this, or will be only pressing C to make melee advanced combos, i think if C provides combos like that it should be added a sequence of clicks or directions with C included, that should improve the fighting system, so it would be more hard, maybe its not a good...
  2. FullNovaAlchemist

    2014 current state

    hi people i wanted to ask what the current state of esf final is thanks for answers ps:i am new to the forum but not new to the game:smile:
  3. Julian10

    ESF Final Minimum Specs?

    Hello. As the years pass I see the game is more and more advanced in graphics and I was wondering :-/, what will be the minimum and required specs? If only for the best PCs, why not make an option to make the game less laggy and things? :yes:
  4. Nick_Da_Wizard


    i'll be posting VERY random 'Squiggles' here in this thread, come for a laugh or a laugh at my work. i don't mind :3 Uploaded with (all drawings will be made in under 5 - 10 minutes)