1. Ghost_Ryder

    CCI errors...

    FX.core(4) : warning 217: loose indentation FX.core(9) : warning 217: loose indentation .ClassExtension.core(122) : warning 217: loose indentation 0,5304009 Seconds << Summary >> Success : 0 Failure : 1 Time : 0,5304009 Seconds Can someone help me to fix this error?
  2. Mangaman1001

    Console errors

    When I install Big Pack 8.4 it works, but I have this in my console: Reading bot_names file... done Reading bot_chat file... done Reading bot_personalities file... done Reading sbot.cfg file... done Reading skill.cfg file... done No detail texture mapping file...
  3. B

    Just 2 CCI Errors, please help. I have no idea whats going on here.

    THIS IS THE ERROR IM GETTING << Binary Goku >> MOD.Sound.core(8) : error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero .ClassExtension.core(72) : warning 203: symbol is never used: "" 0.3000005 Seconds << Summary >> Success : 0 Failure : 1 Time : 0.3000005 Seconds...
  4. B

    Need help, getting alot of cci errors.

    kinda confused on those errors, i tried some things like changing the ":" to ";" at line 161 of the core extension file but that didint work like i thought it would. can any1 give me an explanation of these errors if its not too much trouble? the mega...
  5. KarrdeKNR

    HL2, possibly Source errors

    Ok, so now Karrde has a decent computer. It runs HL2 in 1920 X 1200, everything on high, 6xAA (guess I could try to force more) 16x AF. Point being, 2 annoying problems. 1. My ammo indicator doesn't display correctly. I get like a partial box. I have no damn idea how much ammo I have...
  6. Damaera

    Random 404 Errors?

    I get random 404 errors on the forums for no reason at all, is there an explanation to this or is it just a bug?
  7. dan_esf_fanatic

    Damn pop-up errors!! MAKE THEM STOP!

    Alright, since a week ago I keep getting these damn pop-up errors, often in the middle of a multiplayer game, which severely gets on my nerves, since it automatically switches to it whenever it pops up: This is what it looks like. I think that a trojan is the cause, but I just can't seem to...
  8. Arsenovicius

    Demo errors

    Well i want to play some demo of me.. but when i type to play it it quits teh game and says this : Can anyone tell me what do i need to play that friggin demo ? -__-'
  9. L

    Sound driver errors?

    I get sound when I log off and on windows, those chimes that are played. Occasionally I'll also get sound back if I restart a few times but usually stops after 5+ hours. I checked the drivers as well, It says there are no errors and the drivers are functioning properly.. Edit- Found out...
  10. M

    map errors

    on certain maps, when i try to use them it says "could not load guru.wad" or "could not load freiza.wad" i dont understand why i does this, i dont think tMx arena has anything to do with guru, who can i fix this?
  11. Z

    3dsmax 8 instal errors

    ok i have no clue wtf to do everytime i install ( try to instal) 3ds max 8 i get this: Error 1920. Service 'raysat_3dsmax8 Server' (mi-raysat_3dsmax8) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services. i believe this has something to do with the...
  12. V

    Newbie needs help i need to install esf1.2.3 but i get errors for ssj gohan piccolo

    :warning: O_O :cry: i needs help i need to install esf1.2.3 but i get errors for ssj gohan piccolo etc. plz help great ones plzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :cry: :shocked: o_o
  13. V

    map errors!!

    can i send sumone this small house map i made (just a first map) dont know whats leak hulls are and when i do basic tourail ones its does unknown error ! ;( HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!
  14. S

    mapping errors

    ok almost always i try to map something for esf it comes up with something like max_leaf_faces or out of world errors when complifying. what can i do to prevent these errors to occur. :(
  15. Herms

    Ssj transformation errors

    I can believe why no one has suggested this but when you turn super sayian you should loose enegry just like flying all the time. This also happens with frieza I believe a quote by vegeta was before frieza transforms to 2nd from "transform frieza I know you hide your power to save enegry"...
  16. G

    Graphics errors!!!

    I hope someone can help me cause if not im gonna be pissed what happens is if i load the game without 3D or open GL support it runs badly and with bad graphics, but i have a Gforce4 card and want to play with Direct 3D support, but when i try to the graphics really stuff up and i cant see...
  17. R

    Sprite errors,Please Help me Please.....

    1st off all i would like to say esf is a good game and i've been wondering it for about 4 to 6 years.... and today... i finally have it complete installing it :] but when i create a game,it saids "Mod_NumForName:sprites/voiseicon.spr not found" O_O can some 1 help me out with...
  18. R

    Memory errors

    I just got my clans server started and everytime i try to join i get this weird memory error message and everyone else that tries to join gets it too
  19. Darkside

    compiling errors

    when i try and compile models in ms3d, i get up to this point and it makes erros and freezes its not only for that model either, i tried somethign as simple as decompiling trunks and goku and recompiling them without touching contents in folder and got same problem
  20. Catman

    Clicking link errors

    I dont know why but everytime i click a damn link my computer freezes i think its my windows i use windows ME this only happends when i click links a site (any site its happend here) but when im not on the internet it works perfectly fine does anyone know why it does this?