1. S

    ermm something wired is going on with my map>_<

    ok i have just getting into my map of dying namek, but when i apply the textures from the namek guru.WAD it always goes wired and gets errors in it(like if i go to move the texture the thing will go white(like it has deleted the texture) thats one of the things that is bugging me>_< the next...
  2. I

    Vegeta Thread II

    dont know what happened to my other thread ;/ i think it just went dead all together... well im re-opening a thread... check it out *critz*
  3. Celticus

    vegeta new skin

    i've put a new skin into the esf vegeta It's a skin from the pro-edit guys so it's not my skin!!!!!!!! I hope they don't think i've stolen their skin but anywayzz here it is give me youre e-mail and ill send it!
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Dakilla wallpaper..

    Not customized, didn't know what you wanted for text..
  5. M

    Battle Damage Model Pack

    so far i got goku almost done.. heres pic hmmm Lil Gohan's requested chibi gohan.. ill be making that soon CURRENT POLY COUNT:1267 i forgot to say this... BOOTS AND HAIR belong to VASSAGO...
  6. D

    Backflip animation

    this took me about two hours to make, i think its pretty good to say i only started playing with animation this week it looks much better in game because youre actually moving backwards where as in milkshape he kinda floats on the spot oh well, have fun ^_^...
  7. SA_Gohan


    Hello everyone. You know I just realized this is my first post in a mapping forum ever . . . Anyway, that's not what I wanted to say, lol. I wanted to know where is the best place to find reference pictures for maps. Thanks all :D later
  8. I

    Vegeta saiyajin prince*update* alot better!

    hey here is the to c!!!!!
  9. thor

    To Spin Site Layout

    Spin been trying to get you on icq about you making a layout whick we talked about a while ago you said tosort out what i want on the site so you no what to do for navgation bar i sapose i set up my anglefire one witch is all the pages i want. im getting 100mb webspace Unlimited bandwidth no...
  10. P


    i get my internet cut off and when i get back everything is different.... O.o soo whats the deal with the new fourms? do we have a better server for them now?
  11. M

    New Adult Gohan Model!

    Ok here is what I managed to knock out in an afternoon. Well not an entirely new model but hey......I still had to model the head......well the hair atleast and that still takes awhile........well not really. But hey it looks good none the less. View of entire model from 3 different angles...
  12. P

    ermm what the heck?

    whats up with the post counts? last time i came on here i had 261 (about 2 or 3 weeks ago) now i have lost 100, has it happaned to other people? or is it a plot to weaken me? (mwahahhahaha)