1. Hash

    Backround Help

    I'm currently making a new sig with Raziel, from Soul Reaver. And I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips, or idea's for what I could do for a backround. I'm asking because I wanna try and make this look real good, (well in my eyes anyways) and I can never produce a good backround...
  2. E

    Some DBZ Models ive been doing...(A few)

    K....heres a few models ive been doing about 1600 polys each without heads or hands.... non dbz dude i did: i also did this 16 model which is around 1200 polys which im not very happy about but ill post it anyway: aint been here a while, just thought id say hi...
  3. dudeman

    Landscape V 1.0

    hey guys, i released 5 maps in a mappack called Landscape V1.0 the maps are: -esf_desert -esf_hill -esf_mountains -esf_river -esf_ugly esf_ugly is the most ugly map since the creation of half life!! i added it for fun... download the mappack HERE or download it at...
  4. Akhkaru

    Making a .MS3D file a .MDL

    How do you make a milkshape model file a Half-Life model?
  5. GLOsticks R Us

    SIG artwork sketch!~look~

    I not that good at making computer generated SIGs, so I decide to draw my own with some characters of my own I made up.. whatcha think? eh? hahahah- Pimp-o-matic, Kids Love It©:p -PEACE "GLO"
  6. V

    Form2 - a new era

    Thought you all might want to check out what I've done so far on the skin for Cell's 2nd form. I still have some shading and color tweaks to make, so don't be too harsh on it. *UPDATED IMAGE