1. I

    Best art equipment?

    I decided i want to get into art more so i decided i need better pencils and i also want a sketchbook. What i want from you guys is to post the best pencil for drawing and a nice sketchbook, would be nice if you could provide some pictures aswel. Thanks, Ice-X:]
  2. I

    Question for Musicians (In terms of recording equipment)

    (Click the provided links to see the products) Alright, I'm trying to update the equipment to my "home studio" and I stumbled across a situation. I've found a MICROPHONE CABLE that is pc compatable and can be directly inputed. But I want to know if the Behringer B1 microphone I'm purchasing is...
  3. Sonic the Vampire

    Starting Equipment

    Refer to to see my inspiration for this. I liked Crash's idea but I feel it's too close to counter strike and there shouldn't be anything involving money to do with ESF. I want to use Crash's idea but shift it around. Here's a quick summary...
  4. T


    Oh Brother how ***, Advertising ur mod on someone else's forum, "Nyah nyah nyah mine's better look" Mommy and daddy need to stop buying little 12 year old tommy New equipment for his PC