1. Stanz

    Any free workers out there?

    Ok, to be honest I am in desperate need of modellers and skinners right now so if your intrested please goto my forum by clicking on the sig below and read up on EPT and stuff if you dont know about it. Thanks alot. *SITE WILL BE BACK UP ASAP, IM REALY SORRY ABOUT THE DELEY*
  2. Stanz

    EPT Logo, Help?

    Is there anyone out there that can help me design a new logo for EPT like maybe something that brings out the DBZ look? I was thinking of having some text that had the like super saiyan aura around it and maybe some electricity going accross it that would look cool, I did some simple text in...
  3. Stanz

    EPT coming soon

    a follow on from this thread: http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22814 EPT Is under construction and will be posted here with the link when it is finnaly done, For those of you that do not know what EPT is it will be a team that makes models including sound packs and...