1. Theoboy

    Entities and background?

    Is there anyone who can tell me where I can download entities to ESF maps. I'm mapping in Hammer 3.5. And another thing: Where can I find backgrounds to my map? And how do I put them into my map? It would be great if there was someone who could help me. :)
  2. S

    admin/meta mod entities spawning

    i searched the forum and havent found anything. i have the latest admin mod and i meta mod...(i think there are different...right?) anyways, i want to spawn stuff into my server (listenserver) while in the server. i went to the admin mod manual but it doesnt help me. i wanna spawn all sort of...
  3. nemecj05

    help with sky boxes and light entities...

    ok, i understand how to add sky and light entities but i dont know how to edit those things, whenever i add a sky box and i compile my map it never has the sky i told it to have it always has some other one, and i dont know ow to change the brightness/darkness on the map someone help me...
  4. F

    I Dont Completely Understand Some Of The Entities

    i dont understand the info_player_start and evil start and good start and death match entites completely, dont they need atributtes, where should i place them, and wut other entites are very vital, or wut entites should i put in my map
  5. nemecj05

    help with entities...

    whenever i use the ENV_Model entitie...........the esf game always says the model could not be found..............someone please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  6. Yazuken

    I am missing some Entitys

    For some reason, i am missing some entitys in the entity selector. for example. i dont have Func_water and Trigger_hurt. does anyone know why this is?
  7. S

    First Map Problems

    Yea I am just entering the big world of mapping. Yes someone else to make maps. lol. I just finished the auctal map. :D I compiled it and put it in esf/maps. All the wad files are there but its just not showing up on my list of maps on esf.What am I doing wrong :confused:
  8. T

    every time i add a new map it doesnt work

    the subject says it all
  9. Wangster

    ESFarena released.

    well, i made my first map, its big, so coulnd get desent screenshots. but anywhays, i have 2 screens made, but they r ugly, here they are. http://members.lycos.nl/cl3rcx/esfarena0002.jpg http://members.lycos.nl/cl3rcx/esfarena0007.jpg well, if youre intersted, here is the map, it contains...
  10. Eider

    DMZ maps

    Oh yeah, Is it possible to play all DMZ maps with esf??? just a lil' question, hope i dont get flamed for it
  11. M

    my map

    sup peeps, i just made a tournament ring themed map and i want to see what you peeps think so far. the map isnt l337 but this is my first map ive made. its also still in developement. im going to add a skybox and make it bigger. also i would appreciate any suggestions and ideas for my map...
  12. Messiah Daz

    Bloody Compiling!! -_-"

    Ok well I worked on my map and went to compile. It didnt work. I got this when compiling. Need any more info just reply. Please help. Ive been told my maps are really good! http://xeko.net/compile.txt
  13. A

    cool IDEA!!

    well its now: 22:08 in sweden... and i was clicking around in a TFC forum.. then i remebernd to DL some concmaps.. then i went to CS and DL some aimmaps.. but then i got the idea... why not make skill maps in ESF?! like special beam jumps? around the hole map etc? what would be cool... train ur...
  14. N

    <-- New ESF mapper - kind of lost..

    I'm pretty new to mapping, but really new to ESF mapping.. I got the files that I need (the esfmapper.zip) but I'm running into a few problems. I have a few things down on my map and when I go to run it, it loads fine but when I go to join a team, it simply restarts the map. Not sure how to...
  15. J

    Loading problems

    O_o O_o I compiled my map that worked cause i got the bsp file out of it then when I put it in my esf map folder nothing happens i cannot open the bsp file any ideas?
  16. I

    Spirit of Halflife

    I've had this program for a wile...and i think other people should start using it. Its a tool called Spirit of Half-Life and you can get it here It helps map making alot. Open GL is a nice thing to have for this tool. /if you dont have that...you see some strange things. But dont ask me what the...
  17. Mr. Satans

    Ugh!! Stupid LEAKS!!!

    Ugh! I decided to continue work on my map ESF_NeoTournament_v1. I got some stuff done, went to compile and WHAT D'YA KNOW, Leak error. So I got somewhat discouraged, fixed the problem anyways, and tried again...ANOTHER leak problem, so I delete ALL the entities of the specified type (That was...
  18. N

    Proportion HELP!

    when ever i attempt to make a map, i ether make it too small, or too big, how can I fit everything into the right size
  19. S

    Map Making Help!

    Im trying to make a ESF map but i ran into a problem. When ever i go to test the map the game loads fine but after you choose you person i get a trakerui.dll error and it loads the choose your guy screen and repeats. Someone plz help me! thx;)
  20. Chitenga

    Problem with mapping,Please help.

    First of all,Im a newbie at this mapping thing. Secondly,I read all stickes and searched for tutorials on my problem and failed now to my problem. On EVERY entity i get this: Entity info_player_start @ (1052,-522, 992) Warning: === LEAK in hull 1 === Entity info_player_start @...