1. ~*Logan*~

    Endings that ruined it all

    Have you ever watched an anime that was so good, you couldn't wait to see the amazing ending? Sure, we all have. However, have you ever seen an anime that had an ending that completely ruined everything for you? And ending that made you preak out your "WTF Flag" and parade it around town? I'm...
  2. KidMan

    Worst/Disappointing Endings in Anime

    *Warning: This Thread Contains Major Spoilers* I love anime. I've seen some incredible pieces of animation but the ending really kill it for me. This thread is about which endings you thought were bad and/or disappointing. Mine, the ending to Full Metal Alchemist pissed me off. Here they...
  3. Rocky

    Anime Endings *possible spoilers*

    Which anime ending do you think was the best? My favourite was Full Metal Alchemists' ending, it hit me totally by surprise and although it was somewhat sad, it left me with a good feeling for the future. Other anime's like DBZ and Cowboy Bebop ended abruptly and didn't have that good...
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    which sig?

    which version is better?
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