1. macdaddymario

    Sniper Elite V2

    Just saw a trailer and a video of someone playing the demo for this. Was a big fan of the first one back in 05' and it looks like they really took a big step up with this one. Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGzyKHl7Geo Demo: http://youtu.be/_izsfYC9rK0 and a 'Q&A' video...
  2. Mkilbride

    Anyone with some elite photoshop skills? Got a request.

    http://media.moddb.com/images/groups/1/6/5192/geralt.png Can you photoshop some blood onto his sword and him holding Osama Bin Ladens head? I'd appreciate it. It's for a contest.
  3. Ravendust

    PlayStation 3 Elite Rumoured

    Not shortly after the X360 Elite, Sony make some changes to the PS3 for future models; Source: Kotaku An improvement to the internal Bluetooth and a 20gb increase in HDD size isn't exactly on par with the X360E's additions, but there might be more added later. I read on another forum that...
  4. elNarr

    Microsoft to announce Xbox 360 : Elite

    It Seem's that they're really going to make it after all the rumors. For example this one's got a bigger hd which can contain data up to 120gb, And a very nice looking, classic, sleek looking black skin like the original xbox had. It also seems like this is only going to be an limited edition...
  5. R

    Where is all the elite players?

    ...I came back hoping for a challenge and i havent got one.. wheres all of sns... ape.. i cant find anyone :( everyone quit?
  6. P

    Not really elite :P

    But here a are a few I have done this week.
  7. K

    My Elite Scatterbeam!!!

    Alright, it isn't elite. It looks kinda weird, or really weird but it does look pretty cool. It was originally for a generic beam, but I changed it into the scatterbeam and I thought I would just show you guys.
  8. K

    Elite Sig Makers Site!!

    ELITE SIG MAKERS UNITE. lol. I was bored so i was wondering. Do any of you elite sig makers want to combine and make like a site? I unno, maybe our own forums and ppl can request sigs ect. Maybe brnach off into like an ESF clan or somethin. i unno. Just an idea that popped in my head. I would...
  9. V

    Put sites with ESF models here

    Also put links to models here if you want. This way everyone stops whining about what models they want and how they can't find them. I've got a few so try to put more in that I dont have. And everyone put this in your favorites. I think the admins and model creators would be happy if we...

    king kai map?

    Is anyone making a king kai map?
  11. D

    Model Download Sites

    Post Here Model or Maps Download Sites!
  12. X

    new ESF clan Earth Elite Forces

    This is a new clan called Earth Elite Forces check the site <link>www.eef.wxs.org</link>
  13. E

    Earth's Elite Forces CLAN COME SEE!!!!!

    Hi all how the hell are ya!!. anyway id like to to tell u guys that ESF has a new and one of the most elite clans now. We call ourselves Earth's Elite Forces (eef) we have about 7 members myself Panther, BFPKiller, Ghostkilla, Maindawg, Zebracrap, and K. Nevermore. We would like to just announce...
  14. DiebytheSword

    Some more pics . . . and minor site redesign

    Right freakin' here :D
  15. T

    Iconz Gotenks Model Skinned (W.I.P.)

    just finshed the upper body...