1. dbzrogue

    Disabling gameplay elements

    Not sure if this is already in or been suggested, but how about a feature which allows you to disable certain gameplay elements? For example, disabling flying or swooping, and restricting battles to the ground, or perhaps disabling transformations?
  2. Zero

    Elements Online

    Elements Online is an all new MMORPG that me and my team have been working on and is still in the making. It brings the classic style of gaming back and in real time. Website: http://elementsonline.co.nr Alpha Gameplay: <object width="445" height="364"><param name="movie"...
  3. I

    Photo Shop Elements 2.0??

    Hey I have photoshop 7.0 but it seems a bit 2 complictaed for my understanding so does anyone know where i caan download a full version of photoshop elements 2.0?? :)
  4. Ryoko

    A Final Fantasy 9 wallpaper

    I made a new wallpaper! And it isn't of Ryoko o_o What do you guys think?
  5. G

    new skill based elements

    hi, im new to this little mod, though some of you may know me from DMZ. ive been playing it and ive noticed that theres a few things that are just who ever is stronger automaticly wins. mostly this involves strugles, where you simply hold down the attack ki. changing this to say, an alternating...
  6. S

    Adobe Photoshop Elements!!

    Who has it? is it good? ive played around with it a lil and i found it okay but i need more opinions on it and plz dont plain out say it sucks and NO i am not talking about photoshop 5/6/7 and I dont have boxes full of money to buy normal photoshop...so i just want opinions on photoshop elements...
  7. S

    pimpin? hey its my job

    I have some Models done over the ages a knife Car and my plaine tell me what you think