1. P

    The new efects and all the things creayed until now

    Hi, well i´ve seen all the new effects that has been created untill now and im wondering, are this effects downloadeble like an upgrade to the esf 1.2.3 or they come out when you launch the esf 1.3 completed ? im asking because i dint find any info about this...:rolleyes: Note: Nice work...
  2. john_volkov

    Ground Efects

    it will be cool if the team make's some ground hiting efect's like this It will make esf more more more superb
  3. S

    The duel bubble efects

    If the duel buuble would go near the ground, the sand would fly in the air. And if a person gets to close to the bubble he would go in block position.
  4. S

    THE DUEL BUBBLE efects

    If the 2 would go near the ground with that bubble would there be any sand etc. going in the air? And if a guy would get to close to them his hand would go in a block position (like when someone transforms into SSJ in a cartoon)