1. Champion

    Hi people, sorry for my lask of education

    Right. Sorry for my lack of education, because fuzzy replied inappropriately when I was asking for help with the validation system because I don't have a Steam ID. But just think you could answer my question involved the chat bots, you came to speak when I had to have validation to help me, and...
  2. S

    Final Fantasy Education

    sup every one if you can tell im in a major FF craze right now anyways i havent played any of the ealier FF's like 1,2,3,4,5,6, tactics so to make my poles more interesting please educate me on the FF's ive missed and tell me if you recommend them and then ill play them and compare them to my...
  3. L

    Education Question

    I Need Some Help Guys, I'm finishing my Year of Computer Industry Certification, which means i come out of it with my A+ and Network + Cerrtification. My Question is this. My Parents, Teachers and Friends want me to go onto an Advanced College Class Where i can get my Cisco and Microsoft...
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Wallpaper: Education.

    This wallpaper is 881kb. Quite large, but hopefully 56k'ers wont mind...(i so hope). But this wallpaper's resolution top's is 1600x1200, so the quality is quite good, any resolution lower than that can be made real quickly. The background image is a stock foto I have had of the Columbus...