1. Skyrider

    MODDB: Editors' Choice: Best Upcoming Mod

    SOURCE: http://www.moddb.com/events/2008-mod-of-the-year-awards/news/editors-choice-best-upcoming-mod
  2. Disguise

    NEEDED: Skilled Players & Video Editors

    I'm looking for people to help me make a demo showing some ideas I have for a melee system, building off of what currently exists. I've tried to record demos in 1.3, but the game always crashes on me. I've made a few suggestions in long, tedious writing, but I think people see what I'm saying...
  3. V

    A Call for the audio editors of the board

    I need a little help with something here, a friend of mine is gave me a solid hour long track that he made(in the form of a .wav) and asked if i knew how to cut it into tracks, and still play without noticeable transitions on a cd. At first i just threw it into adobe premier and started cutting...
  4. Z

    You know spr and tga editors?

    hii i have a problem i want create sprites and transparent sprites , 3d models , and vgui pictures... i know a 3d editor... milkshape... but i dont know a spr editor and a tga editor that works. if anybody knows if you can use all the frames of a skeleton to another model in the milkshape...
  5. D

    sound editors?

    ok, my problem is that i have a song (metallica's ONE) that starts with gunfires and explotions... but just when the musc starts, that war noise is still in one channel. i have ripped the clean channel (music only) but i need a program that deletes the same sound to the other channel so i can...
  6. O

    Vgui Editors

    i want to know how to edite my vgui so i can change character names, and if possible is there a tool, or a certain program i can use to make it easier, cause paintshop pro doesnt work...
  7. D.C. Darkling

    Saiyan Saga Vegeta WIP

    Yes.. alot of you might have been looking for this... I am working on it again. Time to suggest things for me to do. :) For now I only modified a small part of the arm pads. I still have no clue bout why the next thing happens: We strafe with the model and it bends ALOT to the left /...
  8. Yazuken

    Know of any Texture/Wad editors?

    Does anyone know of Half-life texture/Wad editors besides "Wally"
  9. L

    vagetas plz!

    can some one give me ssj4vegeta bebivegeta and ssj4 bebi vegeta plz all sites that got are offline but all the stickies dont either so can u plz send em in e-mail ive tried the request but no has sent sumpin back plz send t [email protected] thax agin ps also brolly if...
  10. Goten-son

    Permission for models

    Hey i plan on adding ESF stuff for download on my site soon, and was wondering if i could use the models i find off Red Saiyan or other ESF sites to put up for download on my site. I have been told i need permission first, but when i unzip most of the models theres no e-mail or AIM screen name...
  11. Nuttzy

    my unfinished work

    i was digging around in my computer i found several models that at the time i wasnt skilled enough to get them ingame, though i could do it now, i lack the willpower, ya get me?, they are all ms3d format, some include skins some dont, it includes a super android 13, an android 18, a sonic, a...
  12. V

    Model / Skin editors

    K i have decided that i want to try and make a kid goku pack a a chalange for myself. Since i think no one has tryed it. But i need a good model editing software. Can anyone help me it would be most apreciated. :D
  13. SpriGGan

    Esf Modelers

    i have only recently signed up on this forum as you can tell by the psot count lol but i have been reading and following certain threads for a lnog time now but never botherd posting. Mostly i have been interested in downloading models for esf and the one thing that i realy annoys me is when...
  14. T

    Beta 1.1 Model Edits

    Check out the vegetto on red sayian. Thats that only 1.1 model edit i know of right now. Have fun and post your models with all the credits.
  15. E

    Modeling program

    someone should make a modelling program that is simple and easy to use. For example: if you have played a WWF smackdown game for PS2 and you go to create a character mode, it is easy and simple to use.
  16. SSj_Gotenks95

    Sprite editors help

    Umm I need some help with the sprite editing on a model I am makeing I dont know if this is possible but I wanted to replace Piccolos Masenko with chains that shoot out of the characters armor. here are some pictures of what it should look like...
  17. Cheeseman


    <font size=5> If i see one more person taking credit for a model that they did NOT make, ill go on a banning spree! :\ IF you decide to edit somebodies model, the FIRST thing i want to see in the post, is credit to the orginal producer of the model. I dont care if you edited 50% of the damn...
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