1. LionHeart


    Happy easter everyone. Oh and to orthodox cristians: Hristos a inviat! ( romanian version) Jesus has been resurected/reborn ( english version) In my country one of the traditions is that we paint the eggs red and knock them on one another to see witch is the last one that breaks. What...
  2. nemix12

    Easter Present

    GREAT EASTER PRESENT FOR YOU GUYS: Dragonball Z Character Creator Tool ECX Reborn Project < New Forum > DBZ CCT Pics: Menu: First Look: Random Character: Instructions: Alt + F4 = Close It :) Ctrl + F = Minimize It ;) FUN!!! DOWNLOAD IT :P What I have done with this tool :P:
  3. Spunky

    Easter Eggs Are Fun!

    I got bored earlier and decided to play some Hitman: Blood Money. After achieving my usual streak of Silent Assassin ratings, I noticed that funny ad in the newpaper (which is supposed to show your stats in a cool way). I love it when developers put stuff like that in. It keeps you entertained...
  4. Grega

    Easter release :p

    Yea a bit late. But since noone bothered to post a thread in here yet. http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=68066 Discuss :p And do coment on my splash screen XD
  5. A

    Happy Easter everyone

    Since ESF team didn't wish you Happy Easter ( :S well who needs them anyway ) I'm still going to do that so: HAPPY EASTER :)
  6. Zeonix

    Firefox 2 Easter Egg

    http://labnol.blogspot.com/2006/11/firefox-2-easter-egg-mozilla.html I found this pretty funny.
  7. S

    Heh, funny easter egg in the Apocalypto trailer

    http://www.apple.com/trailers/touchstone/apocalypto/large.html A little before the screaming monkey. Just go back a few frames. If you're lazy, I included it in the attachments.
  8. Killface

    Happy Easter everyone!

    Not sure if everyone here celebrates Easter, but Im wishing all of you a happy one! even though I hate Easter
  9. Rayos

    Happy Easter

    Just wishing everyone that celebrates easter, a happy easter. Hope your day will be a blast with an over abundant amount of food and a really drunk family sitting around a table talking about "When i was your age".
  10. Super Bolt V2

    Happy Easter Ya'll

    Even thou its not easter in USA but it is in Austrilia :P , happy easter
  11. D

    The is in esf some easter eggs?

    like in maps in ****.. i have found 1.. that u can go throw a wall.. in ROSAT.. is there is more? on this is a only a bug?
  12. Tassadar

    Christmas Goku lol

    lol, my first shot at a skin, it will probably be my first and last, took me about an hour cause im so god damn stupid. Anyway, I guess credits go to the original goku modeler/skinner. I figured out how to do it in all colors but I thought red/green would look interesting lol. This was just a...
  13. Optimus Prime

    Happy Easter!!

    Please enjoy this short cute, easter movie :) Watch Me!
  14. Majin Sephiroth

    easter eggs

    i just got told a easter egg for the kami lookout map how meny other ppl know about, cause i didnt know and ive been playing off and on for about a year btw its the spirt of time room
  15. T

    Easter Egg suggestion

    y not :D