1. Naz

    NEWB Question

    Ready for flames, but, well, I hope ú all can help me, Where can I dld a good sigmaking- layout making program so I can begin making sigs, I just wanna try it out, c what I can do. So if somebody can help me plz??
  2. T

    my 15 min brolli skin by metro

    my 15 min brolli skin by metro *update* 15 mins to make, not nearly done witht he chest the skin dont look to good from this pic because when i converted it to gif i frigged it up... but this is it so far....
  3. Cheeseman

    First model, need advice

    Hey guys, i finally made my first attempt at a model, please feel free to tell me what i should improve, any links to tutorials would be a bonus, ive only been tryin to model for a week thx in advance O_O
  4. T

    vegetto model to dl

    if you want this model email me at [email protected] here is a screenie of it