1. Suh Dude


    Happy birthday dude if you're still alive. :D
  2. dudeman

    It's time for something TOTALLY new!

    lo peeps we've seen flash stuff, all sorts of artworks, such as photoshop abstract, 3d rendered abstract, drawings, cg art, and much more.. now one thing ive never seen before is a 3d rendered film.. maybe im missed it but i think im the first...
  3. |Da|K|


    hmmm made somethin new..... CRITZ... p.s this is all photoshop no 3d programs :-D
  4. E

    EagleKing is in da house...

    so..some guys know me from redsaiyan. I heared a lot of the esf forums and I think I will have a great time here. :talk: