1. Gama

    DV13 (poor) Art works

    Yes yes i know its crap but lot ppl are posting their works so ill post my crap: yes im sad this is the openeing to my artpad :S This is a weird alien thing i drew was just playing round with shading Do i have to explain what they are lol but ya my scanner cut the tops off :( but i...
  2. Gama

    DV13 Krillin redone

    I redid my krillin model im not looking for C&Cs just looking for a skinner so can someone skin this for me plz? Thanks to Trowab for doing the arms
  3. Gama

    WIP Sora DV13

    ok here is a model of sora im working on, its crap lol though id show ya not sure if ill finish it some reason after my krillin model i just cant be bothered to to do it now........ thank to tryforce for the sora ref, side is sooooo unclear :S *EDIT* no refs
  4. Gama

    Krillin WIP DV13

    Krillin WIP DV13 [Updated] hi guys long time no see, been busy but iv started working on Krillin and what to know if u guys can crit what iv done so far Thanks to david for the great ref pic :)
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