1. Almighty_Gir

    Art dump

    just gonna post art whenever i make it. if you don't like it, log out!
  2. S

    Skiwans Dump (lots of images)

    Heya, been a while since I showed you what I was doing, partly because of my WoW obsession and partly because of laziness. I'm getting back into things at the moment so I'm making more progress than before. I've been doing a lot of anatomy studies atm, but I dont want to bore you with copies...
  3. Gama

    Gama Art Dump!

    Decided to dump some of my art here, prob seen some of it before: Sigs:
  4. S

    HUGE sketchbook dump (slight nudity)

    Lots of studies here, its all about learning! I try to do as many studies as possible these days, not only does it broaden my knowledge but it makes it easier for me to get more confidence in my linework. I haven't done nearly enough stuff from imagination I'd like to, I really feel like I have...
  5. Spectre

    Memory dump ***ness

    Why is my game memory dumping now, ever since it was supposibly FIXED!!!! thats when my problems started, before I had no problems now it crashes every other ****ing game ;(
  6. Mastasurf

    Life Drawing Dump

    *edit* I have a new batch from last night, here you go <hr> I ran out of paper and I don't feel like buying more since there is only a week left in the semester so I took the `ol lappy to life drawing class tonight. Yes the models are nude. Are they attractive? No. Life drawing...
  7. S

    a small dump...

    well here's some stuff i draw wen im at college, doodles, crits all welcome, these arent really serious though, just stuff i do for fun >_< some are a month or 2 old the last one i did today. The superhero guy was an exercise i did with wangster >_<. for some reason the paper from college...
  8. TimTheEnchantor

    Computer took a dump..

    All my pictures from my vacation are gone.. I'll get more though.. =/ Just a little update so far on what is goin on with me. lol
  9. Mastasurf

    Life Drawing mini dump

    This past semester I took a life drawing class, so I thought I would show a few of my pieces. Most of my pieces are of full body nudes, but here are a couple portraits and a close up. These are all done on 18"x24" sheets using Conte Crayon. Close up of a foot Drawing time= ~20 mins <a...
  10. S

    Sketchbook dump

    well, ive been doing a lot in my sketchbook lately, especially at school, and ive selected a few pages to show people for now, they're messy, and not great scans, but they are just sketches so im not too bothered: this is a concept for a guy for Desert sun, the comic is still in damn...
  11. Mr. Satans

    Devil Information Dump

    Dump ALL of Devil's or any other Devil-wannabe's WonID here. The info will be put to good use in banning him from all servers.
  12. G

    My First Wallpaper

    This is my first wallpaper. Since this is my first I wanted to start out unique so I picked Bubble Gum Crisis. I have been working on this wallpaper for over a month because I had never done one before. *I HAD HELP!* Crits?
  13. G

    Image dump

    Made an image dump please read the rules before posting I dont restrict anything execpt goatse.... TEH DUMP
  14. P.o.h.s.XXX

    Another dump question...

    ...and i am ashamed cause it has been asked before, but were can i get the akimbot? I ve downloaded it before(when it was on the esf-page) but ive erased my whole hl folder so its not longer their!!!
  15. P.o.h.s.XXX

    I ve a dump question...

    ...but i must ask it! Can I play esf even with cs? Cause my hl is crashed, my cd is broken and i lost my ****in key!!! So i ll buy cs retail today, and i want to now if it works!
  16. V

    esf sig dump

    check the forums page on the website http://esforces.com/?page=forum
  17. OneWingedAngel

    Sig Help

    umm ok i was wondering is there anyway i can upload a Sig to my signature? if not can someone host mine!?
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