1. Goten-son

    hehe kinda dull up in this section

    hey hey, where did all the mappers go? lol i was hoping for some new maps coming. but i haven't seen many new maps poping up any where =P just thought id post here and see what all the mappers are up to and if they want they can post a few ideas they might have instore for us later on/wip they...
  2. Wangster


    well, since i got my new weed tree, ( made topic in offtopic ) i made a lil pic about weed, not done yet, wat ya'll think? Pic removed by Wangster, *dunno if i can post it, any mods/admins that can give me permission?*
  3. Escobar

    New Sigs...

    i made this sig for some1, so tell me wot u think... btw ryoko, am i allowed 2 continue wif dese styles??
  4. Denominator

    my first sig on request crits apreciated

    ok this guy is on another forum so you guys wouldnt know him. he asked me to make a lotr sig, simple really but yeah its my first sig on request so..
  5. S

    The Monkey From Ff9

    Yep, most of you know him. He goes by the name of Zidane, You know him the one with the tail? :D Without further ado here he is! Details: Drawn By: Spitfire Colored In By: Spitfire & IcyTiger Feedback please! :)
  6. GundamSeph

    Banners a lil dull

    The forum banner looks cool and all, yet it needs some kind of background, the stand alone red looks kinda odd. Even something like a light texture would buff it up a bit