1. T

    Goku Frieza Saga BD

    Hey guys, i had this made for my own personal use ill ask the maker if ican release it, i got permission from smo to get it edited, also azn gave the model to cheeseman and said he could do with it what he pleased so i have permisson there too, also credits to Hawki Ice for editing it :)...
  2. dudeman

    new sig duh.

    who likes my new sig? o_o
  3. M

    How to make models with Milkshape ?

    I would like to learn how to make models for esf but i dont know how to make it. So if u could guy's give me some advice i would know more to make someday a model for esf.
  4. D

    Gohan new skin !!! <==

    Hi i made a new skin for Gohan this is it please give me a comments here can u download him. http://www.redsaiyan.net/filedb/filedb.php?action=file&id=160
  5. S

    about modeling... (duh!)

    this is for all of the ppl the use the milkshape tut. how do u draw with photoshop (or whetever) so good? i can barly do anything with my goddamn mouse!!! its so hard!!!
  6. J

    Mreg - Neo Frieza

    Can someone please make a Neo Frieza (his 4th form) Model for the second Frieza Form in ESF? That would rock! ;D Some Pics:
  7. J

    pretty sick and tired.....

    k this might just be stupid to open a complete new thread of this, but i'm sick of peeps saying this:(example: Android 16): he said something like this(while i already had this sig). i made the background of this sig myself, might look like a pro made it and stuff, but i really made this...
  8. Guerilla

    my first model! yey!

    heres a pic of it, im a complete model newb, heh